Defender Peanut Feeder

Defender Peanut Feeder

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Peanuts are a traditional food and popular with a wide variety of species. They are high in essential protein and oil. This feeder allows you to feed peanuts safely to your garden birds year-round.

Metal peanut feeders are tough, long-lasting and offer excellent protection from squirrel damage. Other benefits include tough hangers and caps constructed from corrosion resistant solid metal alloy, stainless steel mesh and an ergonomic design; this creates a feeder that performs brilliantly but is also simple to use.

This feeder also completely dismantles for cleaning.

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Small Feeder:
* Diameter: 6cm
* Height: 23cm (including fully extended handle)
* Capacity: 340g
* Material: Metal

Medium Feeder:
* Diameter: 6cm
* Height: 46.5cm (including fully extended handle)
* Capacity: 620g
* Material: Metal

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