Phone Skope C3 eyepiece adapter

Phone Skope C3 eyepiece adapter


When you have selected your PhoneSkope case to fit your phone, all you need to start using your phone to take pictures with your optical equipment is either the custom-fit C-3 adapter or either of the new U1 Mini or U2 Click-lock Universal Adapters.

NOTE: Due to varying manufacturing tolerances coupled with occasional changes in materials along with natural wear and tear of an eyepiece, it is possible that a C-3 custom fit adapter may need a tiny bit of ‘padding’ to make it a truly snug fit. We suggest electrical tape is the ideal solution.

See the table below for a reference of which adapters fit which eyepieces. If you do not see your binocular or telescope listed, or just want to make sure that you are purchasing the correct item, please give us a call on 01676 540501 or email us at, stating which model of optics you have and, if possible, the diameter across the eyepiece.

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Kowa 77/88 series C3-026-A
820 series with fold-back eyecup C3-027-A
600/66/820/82SV with twist-up eyecup C3-039-I
Leica Old Televid 62/77 C3-022-I
  New Televid 65/82 C3-024-B
Nikon Fieldscope MC2 zoom eyepiece C3-006-B
Opticron HDF T zoom eyepiece C3-OP-03
  SDL v2 zoom eyepiece C3-SDLD80
  SDL v3 zoom eyepiece C3-C07-A
Swarovski EL SV 42mm/50mm C3-034-A
  BTX/EL SV 32mm/SLC HD 42mm C3-101-I
  ATX/STX C3-023-A
  ATS/STS zoom eyepiece (pre-2009) C3-026-A
  ATS/STS zoom eyepiece (post-2009) C3-033-A
  ATS/STS 30x eyepiece C3-039-I
Vanguard Endeavor spotting scope C3-060-I
Vortex Razor HD 50mm C3-VR50A
  Razor HD 65mm/85mm (pre-2016) C3-026-A
  Razor HD 65mm/85mm (post-2016) C3-100-I
  Diamondback 60mm (pre-2016) C3-011-A
  Diamondback 80mm (pre-2016) C3-027-A
  Diamondback 80mm (post-2016) C3-SDLD80
  Viper HD 65mm/85mm C3-104-I
Zeiss Diascope 65mm/85mm 15-56x/20-75x C3-030-I
  Diascope 65mm/85mm 15-45x/20-60x C3-001-A
  Gavia 85mm C3-C07-A


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