Slik PRO CF-834 Tripod with SGH-300 Gimbal Head

Slik PRO CF-834 Tripod with SGH-300 Gimbal Head


Complete tripod kit comprising Slik CF-834 tripod legs and SGH-300 gimbal head.

The SLIK PRO CF-834 is a lightweight carbon-fibre tripod that can handle a 7kg load and be used in situations where a full-sized aluminium tripod would be too cumbersome. It has 4 leg sections that extend to a maximum height of 165cm but close down to a compact 48cm, it weighs just 1.56kg.

The 800 series CF tripods have legs made from carbon fibre material, which comprises 8 layers of inter-woven carbon strands that are bonded together in a sealed, high-pressure furnace to produce strong, light-weight carbon fibre tubes. The legs also feature A.R.S (Anti-Rotational System) design which prevents the individual legs sections rotating inside each other. Each leg also has an independent lock that allows it to be set in one of 3 different angles, to vary the height and stance of the tripod. The three setting are for maximum height, waist level or low-angle photography (close to the ground).

The PRO CF-834 legs are equipped with twist-lock collars which allow fast, easy set-up and pack-up. Because the legs are non-rotating, you can unlock all sections of any leg at once, by twisting the 3 large rubber grips with one hand. The sliding centre column incorporates a spring-loaded accessory hook in the base, for hanging weight in windy conditions. It can also be removed and inverted for using as copy stand.

The SLIK SGH-300 is a compact gimbal head which provides smooth Pan and/or Tilt tracking of moving subjects. This is a vitally important feature for wildlife photographers, bird watchers, and naturalists.

The compact and lightweight design allows for easier transport into remote locations, while providing the same performance as larger and heavier versions. The SGH-300 supports equipment weighing up to 3.0kg, yet weights just 800g. The head is perfect for full-frame mirrorless and DSLR systems, combined with popular super-telephoto zoom lenses like 100-400mm or 150-600mm.

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Weight 2.36 kg
Max height 165 cm
Closed length 48 cm
Payload 3 kg
Leg sections 4
Material Carbon fibre legs | Aluminium alloy head
Leg locks Twist lock
Quick release plate Arca Swiss type


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