Squirrel Guard

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Squirrels find the sight of fully stocked feeders hard to resist but this versatile baffle dome can be fitted either above or below your feeders to prevent Squirrels pilfering food or causing damage.

This guard protects both hanging and pole-mounted feeders from squirrels by restricting access to the feeder by way of a large dome and is supplied with all the components needed to adapt it to your preferred method of use.

When placing above hanging feeders, also try to place your feeder away from fences or dense cover like trees or shrubs where squirrels can reach the feeder by launching from accessible vantage points. The guard is compatible with the complete range of CJ Wildlife tube feeders.

When placing below the feeder, the inserts provided with the baffle guard make this compatible with 12mm, 22.5mm and 25mm diameter garden poles. Placing the guard as high off the ground as possible will help restrict access to squirrels, but we recommend a minimum height of 1.2m. Again, be wary of placing pole mounted feeders too close to cover or surfaces that can assist squirrels in launching themselves at feeders from the sides.

Feeders and pole purchased separately.

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