Tilley Travel Socks

Tilley Travel Socks

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Designed specifically for travel, Tilley socks have both arch support & moisture escape panels to ensure a dry & comfortable fit. 3-year guarantee.

What makes these socks ‘travel’ socks? Designed with arch support & moisture escape panels these socks wick away moisture to help prevent blisters. They’ll also dry overnight (almost always), so you only need a few & maximize luggage space. Plus they have a 3-year, hole-free guarantee.


  • happy feet – moisture escape panels provide extra breathability
  • Less odour – Alphasan reduces odour-causing bacteria
  • Three-year ‘All-holes-Barred-Guarantee’ – though we doubt you’ll get a hole in them within 3 years, if you do Tilley will replace them
  • Superior wicking capabilities to keep feet warm & dry
  • Dries overnight (almost always)
  • Made in the USA

Fabric: 49% polypropylene (with alphasan), 46% nylon and 5% spandex
Care: Machine wash cold or hand wash cool. Machine dry low or roll in a towel to remove extra moisture & hang to dry overnight.

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