Velbon GEO E635D carbon legs

Velbon GEO E635D carbon legs

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The Geo E635D features 3-section heavy-duty carbon fibre legs with multi-angle feature. The addition of basalt to the carbon fibre weave, provides even greater resistance and rigidity to the leg sections. The lever-locking legs are quick and easy to extend and retract and a scale is etched into each leg section. A utility hook is fitted to the end of the centre column, from which a camera bag or stone bag can be hung, lowering the centre of gravity and providing even greater stability for taking ultra-sharp photos. Geo Series tripods offer adjustable rubber and spiked feet and a 2-section centre column. When the lower section is detached, the legs can be fully splayed, enabling ultra low angle photography. Foam padded leg grips allow painless carrying of the tripod on the shoulder and enable comfortable gripping of leg materials when shooting in cold weather.

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Weight 1.503 kg
Max height 170.6 cm
Closed length 56.5 cm
Payload 10 kg
Leg sections 3
Material Carbon fibre
Leg locks Flip lock
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